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Why Most Entrepreneurs Quit, and How Not To

Statistics show that approximately 90% of startups fail. People create a business, work at it for years and then find that it’s just not working out as well as they’d hoped. Audience engagement expert Shanda Sumpter explains what most entrepreneurs are missing: an audience.

Success = Flex Time

Virtual business expert Shanda Sumpter takes one week off every month as well as the entire month of December, for a total of just over four months off each year. She says you can, too, and here’s how.

Taking the “Hard” Out of Business

Working yourself to the bone is a thing of the past. Business coach and audience building expert Shanda Sumpter teaches people how to create a business that supports you in living a life you love.

The Art of Receiving Money

Learn how to spot ideas and execute them to make earning money a breeze. Business coach and founder of multimillion-dollar company HeartCore Business, Shanda Sumpter, explains.

Create Your Business in 24 Hours

Shanda Sumpter owns and operates multimillion-dollar business coaching company, HeartCore Business. She created her business plan in one day, and so can you.

Making Money Online—the Right Way

Audience engagement expert Shanda Sumpter talks about how creating an audience first leads to long-term financial success in the virtual business space.

Motherhood and Business: The Best of Both Worlds

Shanda Sumpter is the founder of multimillion-dollar company HeartCore Business and she’s also a mother. Learn how she created a business that helps her thrive in both life and work.

Doing Business Backwards

Forget the “If you build it, they will come” theory. Virtual business expert Shanda Sumpter says cultivating your audience should come first if you want to make your product or service a true success.

Recession Proof

There are rumors a recession is coming. As people finally get back on their feet, are they about to get hit with another downturn? These days, getting a business up and running and working from home is critical to becoming recession-proof. Learn financial and mental relief with tools to reduce your risk before it's too late.
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