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Build-to-Suit Success

Audience engagement expert Shanda Sumpter teaches people to create a following first then cater services to suit

In today’s digital marketplace, being able to monetize social media followings can mean the difference between success and failure for many entrepreneurs. However, this crucial piece still remains largely mysterious to a majority of people. Now, audience engagement expert, list-building guru, Queen Visionary and founder of HeartCore Business, Shanda Sumpter is lighting the way for anyone with a passion to succeed. Her bestselling book, “Core Calling: How to Build a Business that Gives You a Freedom Lifestyle in 2 Years or Less!,” details Shanda’s unique tips to for people find the success that has so far evaded them. From stay-at-home moms to corporate CEOs, driven individuals from every walk of life are benefitting from her outside-the-box, incredibly effective strategy:

She does things backwards.

Turning the “If You Build It, They Will Come” Theory On Its Head

Most people focus on creating a product or service first, then they try to sell it to an audience. According to virtual-business pace setter Shanda Sumpter, you’d be better off putting the proverbial cart before the horse in this case. Forget about “If you build it, they will come.” Shanda teaches people to engage audiences first and foremost, then see what your given audience really wants and needs from you.

“The biggest gaping hole that I see right now in the marketplace as far as people building businesses,” says Shanda, “is the fact that people are building them in the wrong order. Everyone thinks it’s all about their branding, their product, their pretty website. It’s not about any of that. It’s about attracting an audience.”

One of the biggest mistakes, Shanda shares, is creating a product that is “your baby” and then trying to sell it to the masses when, in fact, you’d be better off to create a product or service that both fits with your passion and fills a specific need from your pre-existing engaged community.

“When you create a product because you love the product… and there’s a part of that that’s important… but when you create a product for you, unless you get lucky, a lot of times it doesn’t translate in the marketplace. If, on the other hand, you create an audience first and then ask the audience what they want around the topic you’re interested in or the product you’re interested in developing, creating or making better, you’ll quickly see the income start coming into your bank account.”

Taking the “Hard” Out of Business

Thinking of building a business? Already knee deep in one but not sure if you can make it work? Try this on for size: It can be easy.

“I would love to relieve the pain that a lot of people have around starting or running a business,” says Shanda, “especially those who have been doing it so long. They’ve been working at building a business and three years later, it’s just not cutting it. They’re still having that conversation in their head that says, ‘Is this really for me or should I go get a job?’ I go out there and I show them how to build an audience and then how to create a product or content to be able to serve that audience. I know it feels backwards, but it’s not. When you have the audience, then you can actually serve the audience and you know exactly what it is they want.”

Making Your Business Recession Proof

With rumors that another recession may be coming down the pipeline, many business owners don't know how they'll keep their head above water if an economic downturn strikes. Shanda's business tools show entrepreneurs how to make their incomes recession proof through innovative list-building and online-networking practices. There is a huge relief in knowing your business can be viable even in tough times.

Using List Power to Make Money—NOW

Shanda offers a series of learning opportunities through HeartCore Business, including a pivotal course for business success called List Power. The program teaches participants exactly how to create their audience first so they can deliver products and services directly to engaged and invested potential clients. Some of Shanda’s List Power tips include:

* Old-school list building through networking, education, certifications and word of mouth is out
* The Internet allows for quick and efficient list building without so much effort!
* Building trust with a list you own—aka your audience—can make your business recession proof

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PRESS RELEASE (September 3, 2016): Audience Engagement Expert Shanda Sumpter Announces 3-day Retreat: The Zone Event

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